Too often companies feel like they are not getting enough out of the HR team.  Most times it is not HR's fault but rather the circumstances and experiences.  Small and mid-sized companies are not designed to be good training grounds for Human Resources.  Initially, HR is responsible with administrative work and basic HR duties like recruiting.  

As the business becomes more complicated, HR is often left behind.  This leaves HR being left to figure things out by themselves.  In a large company, HR professional are trained and mentored by seasoned professionals. In small and mid-sized companies that opportunity just does not exist.  Until now.

My Company has no HR Department. No Problem.  We are more that capable of becoming your HR Department.  We will take over the HR duties from whoever missed the meeting and got stuck with HR.  We are set up to bring the right level of HR to your business.  We pride ourselves in not killing a company with HR policy and procedure, rather delivering the right amount for overall business success.  

My Company has HR, we just need more. In many businesses the HR person has grown into the role through their success and loyalty to the company and ownership.  These individuals are key employees who have all the company's tribal knowledge.  However, they may just not have the HR experiences to drive the level of impact HR needs to have on the business.  We work with this type arrangement all the time.  We augment the HR department, bringing our experiences and expertise, while working side-by-side with the trusted long-term company HR employee.  

My Company has HR, they are just green. Too often, based on budget, a company has to choose between experience and education.  Many times the company errs on the side of education.  They hire someone straight out of school with no experience.  We can fill in the gaps.  We can train and mentor these new professionals and bring the experiences(s) needed to round out the department.  One third of our client base is this type of arrangement.